8 Weeks

8 Weeks

It’s been 8 weeks since my dad passed away…

Sometimes I can’t even believe I’m writing those words. Some days I truly believe I can pick up that phone and start a witty banter of text messages like always. I still feel like I can walk through the doors of the house I grew up in on a Saturday and he’s made his football spread of food, ready for the Ohio State Buckeye game. He looks at me and says “hey, just in time!”

And then my brain presses play on the recording of the worst 6 days of my life. A phone call, ER, hospital…hospice.

For those who don’t know me, I’m Kara. I’m 30 and happily married to my husband, Adam. We have 2 fur kids (more on this in the future). And lately life has been a roller coaster, Which brings me to creating A Father’s Daughter. Here I can keep my dad’s humor, his beliefs, his teachings, his ideas, his battles, and his victories. Here I can keep them close, but give them to the world at the same time. Here I can tell his story.

It’s been 8 weeks….but we’re just getting started.


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