I Saw the Sign

I Saw the Sign

Sometimes all you need is a sign.

I’m so happy to say that recently Adam and I have found a church we are enjoying. So much so that we haven’t been able to try any others because we are so ready for the next week’s message. And we find ourselves excited about our new Sunday schedule:

Leave by 8:30 am, get in the coffee line (two hot brews, one of them with three pumps of sugar-free vanilla), 9 am service, and then a nice Sunday breakfast together.

However yesterday, I found myself inundated with thinking about what this week holds. As the congregation sang, my mind would drift into thoughts about Dr appointments, my grief group’s candlelight ceremony, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season already beginning, and Dad. I always think about Dad in church.

The service continued and while holding my coffee in one hand, I attempted flipping to the precise chapter that our Pastor was teaching with the other. It wasn’t going well… But what I landed on was no mistake. It couldn’t be.

The Bible I’m currently using belonged to my Mema Frost, my dad’s mom. When she passed in 2011, I knew how much her church family and Bible meant to her and was grateful to inherit it. I’m so happy to be putting it to good use now and I can feel her every Sunday, always tucking it in close to my heart as I walk in.

And yesterday, while thinking of the unknowns of the week and attempting not to spill my coffee, I landed on a section highlighted in blue. Ephesians 3:16-21. My eyes big, my mouth open, my brain hungry to take in the words. My Mema knew where my mind was wandering and at some point in her time with this Bible, her mind had wandered there, too. But she found comfort in this chapter, marked it, and now she was passing it on to me. Right when I least expected it, but exactly when it was needed.

In that moment, my faith became greater than my fears and my eyes filled with tears. Mema heard me. God hears me. And while tomorrow is a mystery, He’ll get us through it. Just as he always has. I’m on the right path, things will fall into place the way they should. I just need to rely on my strength, my patience, and my faith.

Sometimes all you need is a sign. ♥️

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