Dear 2017

Dear 2017

Oh 2017, you’d think I’d be ready to kiss you goodbye and slam the door as you leave. I’d think to myself good riddance and wash my hands clean of you. But the truth is, I’m not so sure I’m ready for you to leave.

This was a prominent year in my life. This was the year of hard work and overcoming BIG hurdles. Adam and I started the year with a layoff, a very sick cat complete with vet bills, and a lot of stress. But we made it out together. Not to mention it was “all hands on deck” for the whole year supporting dad. Driving to appointments, cooking meals, staying at the hospital with him, being there in every way you can be. We were all in. And now we’re about to start over knowing what we worked so hard towards didn’t go the way we hoped. In 2017, those hopes and prayers are alive. My dad is alive. The battle is still uphill.

A new year brings the reality of moving forward and I already know that will be hard. All I ask of 2018 is to be gentle. You don’t have to be fantastic or the best year yet, lets just tread lightly and we’ll be cool.

So 2017, while I can’t be entirely thrilled you happened, it is bittersweet that our time is coming to an end. Here’s to you, 2017 – you’ll be in my heart always. ❤️

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