There’s No Crying In Football!

There’s No Crying In Football!

I’m going to attempt to make this short, sweet, and without the sap. But hell, this could end up as one of those Saturday morning ESPN GameDay feature stories that has you amazed that you had these emotions before coffee. But if I know Dad, he’d say “oh stop it….there’s no crying in football!”

This was a special football season. I’ve never seen someone count down to college football as my dad did. He was reading all of the articles, magazines, he was ready. There isn’t a day I can remember he wouldn’t ask “is it Saturday yet?” Or “6 more days till game day!” He had an inkling that Georgia would be here in the championship. He’d prefer the Buckeyes, but he knew this was a good Bulldog team. If he were here, I think we would’ve been in Atlanta this weekend scoping all the attractions out. It’s been fun to see the city host it all!

And here we are, the final game of the 2017 season…the National Championship. Alabama vs. Georgia. I wish Dad got to be here to finish out the season he was so studied up on. I am glad we didn’t witness the Ohio State loss to Iowa together. I wonder what that Heavenly watch party looked like. But I’m happy to root on the Bulldogs tonight, because that’s what Dad would do. (Not to mention, I’d love a happy husband!) But most of all, we want a good game!

Happy Championship, y’all! AND – only 79 days until opening day of Baseball! Dad always said there’s no crying there, either…but 2018 just might have to be the exception.


2 thoughts on “There’s No Crying In Football!

  1. Love this Kara he was right there is no time for crying 😢 in football 🏈 or baseball ⚾️ Your Dad is looking down from heaven and is smiling and is so proud of you ! Love you so much can not wait to see you in a couple of weeks !


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