I Feel Pretty…

I Feel Pretty…

Before I even start this entry, I have to paint the ironic picture for you all that has me laughing to myself on this Monday. I’ve titled today’s subject “I Feel Pretty…” as I lay in bed recovering from a stomach bug that came out of nowhere. The messiest of buns on my head and pajamas on that don’t match. My eye twitching from lack of sleep and the bags under my eyes…let’s face it, those aren’t due to illness. They’re the normal “you’re 30 and now need eye cream” reminder that I’ve been blessed with. But guess what…it doesn’t even matter.

This weekend I saw the movie I Feel Pretty by Amy Schumer and it was fantastic. I’m sad it only came in 3rd in the box office, so if you have yet to see it…go. I think the message is important for today’s women. I know it’s easy to get held up in social media and pictures of what is claimed to be ideal, perfect, pretty. But the movie shows us that a little more confidence in WHO you are, WHAT you can do, and HOW you treat people is the key to happiness.

Knowing I was going to see this movie and the message it portrayed, the same memory kept coming to me over and over. Every time my sister or I would come home after a hair cut and color, we’d ask “do you like it?” to my dad in his living room chair. His response? “Well, do YOU like it?”


He’d proclaim “then that’s all that matters.”

My mom and dad raised my sister and I to never depend on another person’s approval for validation. We were raised to be independent and kind, hard working and compassionate. Opinions are good, but ultimately it’s your life and you have to make the best decision for you. How amazing is that life lesson? Because of my dad’s response, I learned early on the importance of doing it for yourself. Its engrained in me daily and it always has been. Of course, there are years where everyone feels less than. High school can be hard, rejection from sororities, lonely Friday nights with no dates. But I’m thankful during those times that I had my parents to lift me up. Because in the end I knew the right decisions for me and the perfect man was waiting who loves me for more than my waist size and flawed make up applications. He loves me for my brain, my positivity (though sometimes lacking), and for just being ME.

And he saw me at my worst this morning and is bringing me Powerade and crackers, so I know it’s for real. 🙂 Gosh, I love him!

Basically, no matter what I’m doing, what movie I’m seeing, what’s happening in my life on the daily and the decisions I’m making – my parents are to thank for who I am and how I hope to raise my future family.

And for that? I feel pretty…damn lucky.

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