The Good Stuff

The Good Stuff

Happy Tuesday, friends. I hope all of my readers had a wonderful Easter weekend with family and friends. I saw many pics and videos of Easter dresses, egg hunts, and smiles. I didn’t get a visit from the the bunny this year, but I got so much more. I know what you’re thinking…will this be another sad post (I can feel the eye roll)? But stick with me here, this one will get better.

I’ve been dreading Easter for a couple of months. These holidays have proven to be tricky without Dad in the kitchen or as an intricate part of the day’s plans. Easter is sort of where our story begins in 2017. It’s the last “normal” holiday we spent together. It was 4 days before he would spend 3 consecutive life-changing months in the hospital. But on Easter, he was standing on his own two feet and smoking steaks with Adam for dinner. I am thankful I have pictures of them together. We always had so much fun doing our annual Ugly Egg contest and getting votes from our friends. All in all, I knew Easter would be hard. I shed a few tears, just from missing him so badly, but then I remembered it’s EASTER.

Easter, where we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. Jesus, whom my dad loved and made sure we were raised knowing and loving Him, too. And because of that love, I know where my dad is now. And because of Easter and the sacrifice Jesus made for us, I WILL see my dad again someday. Why would I ever dread this holiday? I’m so THANKFUL for it!

Today marks 6 months since my dad passed. Weirdly enough, it lands again on a Tuesday. Coincidentally, I just discovered I’m wearing the exact same shirt as I write this. As I look back, I hope what I’ve written makes a difference, but I’m aware that I’ve not shared the upbeat days. I want you all to know that I do laugh, I DO have good days, I even have good weeks! I think people figure grief to be so black and white, you grieve for a time and then you’re done. But it’s all the colors, all the time. It is the most up and down, sideways and loopy roller coaster I’ve ever been on. But, that being said, I’m so proud of my family, the way we’ve stuck together, and I’d like to share some snip-its of the good stuff in our lives!

1. My walk in faith is stronger than ever. When many lose their loved ones, they strain away and question why. When Dad died, I leaned in harder. I pray harder. I love harder. And I’m thankful for the signs I’ve been given that I’m doing the right thing. Knowing dad is in Heaven is so comforting. If he can’t be with us, I want him to be there.

2. I get to brag on my little sister for a bit. Kelsey started a journey to be a hair stylist and gave up everything to learn a new trade. And she made the right call. With everything our family went through, she could’ve made a million excuses….sleepless nights, long hospital weekends, the list goes on. But she worked HARD and it’s paying off. She’s waiting to take her state boards and I’m so, so proud of her. (And my hair is so happy, too!) I know she’s going to rock this.

3. Mom has continued dad’s traditions at their office and to hear the feedback from his colleagues who miss him is so heartwarming. I’m proud of mom for keeping them going! I know he’s so proud of her, too.

We’ve been to concerts, to movies, shopping, we keep traditions alive… We still live our lives and Dad would be upset if we didn’t. But sad days exist and I think they always will. And it’s on those sad days that I tend to write a little more to show how grief affects those around us. But what I also hope this blog inspires you to do is to love the ones you’re with, hard and everyday. And to live a life that you love ❤️Happy Easter, y’all!

Easter 2017 & Easter 2018

One thought on “The Good Stuff

  1. You are so right Kara!! We have had our good and bad days as we find our way! I just couldn’t be prouder of you and Kelsey! I know your dad is beyond proud of you both every day!
    I love you so much❣️


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