Frank Sinatra & a Swimsuit

Frank Sinatra & a Swimsuit

You know those days where Facebook memories pop up from years ago and you just think to yourself “why was I like that?” I think we all have those moments, but the beauty of that is we can now appreciate seeing our younger selves trying to figure out who we were going to be. But if you think back to those younger days, it was scary to be yourself, even before social media. It’s always hard to have the confidence to live the way you want and not feel like some sort of judgement is going to come your way. The answer to that fear? My girl Taylor Swift says it best….just Shake It Off!

A special memory popped up this weekend and coincidentally reminded of the importance of being yourself. In July of 2011, our family took an awesome vacation to Cancun, Mexico. It was at an amazing Riu Resort with fun things happening everyday. Games, sports, entertainment, 24/7 soft serve ice cream. You name it, it was happening. I remember them asking if I wanted to play games and I always declined nicely. It was easy to play it off while reading my book, I was content in my bubble. But deep down I thought if I was bad at these activities, these strangers were going to ridicule me to tears. Better safe than sorry!

The last night of vacation, we went down to the lounge to watch the karaoke show. My dad sat down and said “I’m in!” I was shocked, he’d already signed up. He was going to sing in front of all of these strangers?? My huge love for music came from my parents, but I’m not putting it on display in front of all of these people who have the capability of booing me back to the United States. But my dad did. And this memory is the result….

He was amazing! I remember having so much pride in that moment, who was this guy with nerves of steel?? MY dad. The crowd loved him because he was having fun! And now he could say he performed a Frank Sinatra song in Cancun and everyone loved “Mr. USA”! What an experience to carry in your back pocket. The best part? He didn’t even care that they loved it! He sat down next to me and said “woo, I do love that song!” Even if that crowd hated it, I still would’ve been so proud and it’s still something he conquered. Which led me to think, what had I now missed out on? What memories could I have made that I let pass me by because I was scared of what others would think? I might have crushed it during volleyball in the pool, but I didn’t even give myself the opportunity to find out. Even if I was terrible, at least I would’ve tried.

Fast forward to this weekend, Facebook showed me this video right when I needed it most. I grew up with the mindset that in some instances I will always be lesser than compared to other girls. I think that’s a normal circumstance for teenage girls, nothing crippling, just the norm. When it came to summertime and bathing suit shopping, no one wanted to see me in a 2 piece. No matter how cute or the style, if I’m covered enough then it’ll save me the judgement of someone thinking I wasn’t good enough to be wearing it. Through the years, I’ve looked at cute styles in magazines and online, but the fear always got the best of me. But I’m thankful, because this past year of growth plus the physical changes discussed in my last post have given me the confidence to be me, to recognize what I want for myself, and…to order that 2 piece swimsuit! I tried it on as soon as it was delivered and much to my surprise, I actually liked it on! But why did I still feel the urge to return it? Knowing our beach vacation is coming up, I was allowing the fear to come crawling back in. Surely I can’t wear this…

And that’s when dad’s karaoke video popped up. Reminding me that this is MY life. Want to sing New York, New York in another country in front of strangers? Do it! Want to wear a 2 piece swimsuit? Do it! Want to start a blog and share your life? Do it! Want to win the lottery and adopt all the cats? Well…Keep trying! Find what decisions make you happy and do them. Those that love the real you, who know your heart, and aren’t your friends because it’s convenient, will support you. And the others who won’t? Their judgement just proves they’re living in fear of criticism themselves.

So, what are you scared to do? What opportunity has you fearful to fail? Just go for it!

…As for me? Me and my new swimsuit will see you at the pool! šŸ™‚


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