#TransformationTuesday. That’s what the kids are calling it, right? 🙂 Lately, the fam and I have been doing some transforming of our own and it wasn’t until I did a side by side recently that I really noticed how far I’ve come.

June 2018 on the left, June 2017 on the right. Crazy, isn’t it? I think the craziest thing is I’m not even mad at that girl on the right. That girl wearing the Frost Strong shirt and smiling in the hospital waiting room? I needed her, here’s why…

That girl did A LOT (minus sleeping) for her family. That version of me took care of her dad. That meant feeding him, physically cutting up food and fed him when he was too tired. Repositioned him when he was too weak to pull himself up. Helped nurses when there wasn’t enough staff on the floor. That girl worked her butt off so that her new job wasn’t at risk. That girl made sure her mom was getting rest and took turns sleeping in a chair bed or waiting room couch. She took care of the family pets if anyone else stayed late at the hospital. And yeah, that girl stress ate and didn’t leave time for healthy meals for herself. But that girl was strong when she had to be and that girl’s strength is what led me to where I am now.

So far I’m 35 pounds down and looking to continue. Thanks to that girl’s belief in herself, I’m able to accomplish so much a year later. Using her positivity and perseverance, I now know what it takes to keep pushing through to get the job done. Setbacks will happen, but we just keep moving forward the next day. It’s ok to have them. The 2017 me learned who is really important in life and that’s who you make the time for. Don’t sweat the small stuff, in the big picture it won’t matter. She gave the time to what really mattered.

And in the end, I’m thrilled for the weight loss, but I’m more excited about all that I’ve gained.

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