Like a Mother

Like a Mother

To my baby boy as we transition from maternity leave to our new normal,

On December 8, 2018, that positive pregnancy test was the first time I was able to dream of our future together like a mother.

Nearly every day for 7 months, I conquered morning sickness like a mother.

You were growing and healthy, so I happily dealt with the usual aches, swelling, and carpel tunnel, even when it hurt like a mother.

July 24th came, I met you for the first time, and I knew unconditional love like a mother.

We were readmitted to the pediatrics unit for jaundice treatment and I cried all night wishing I could take it away for you, like a mother.

Every day of your life, I’ve tried to teach and to comfort like a mother.

No matter what comes on a daily basis, I try to greet it with gratitude and positivity like a mother.

And today, with the click of a button, maternity leave will be over. I will re-enter the working world a changed person knowing it’s what is best for my family, just like a mother.

While I adjust to my days not spent with you exclusively, I’ll tearfully sit at my desk in Atlanta and stare at your pictures, like a mother.

I’ll wonder what you’re doing. I’ll think of you every single second, but I’ll get the job done and get to you as fast as I can, like a mother.

And starting now, I will give my trust to others as we begin to build our village. A village where I know you’ll thrive, you’ll learn, and you’ll grow. And in this village, I have just one wish when I can’t be there… that they love you like your mother.

I’ve got this. We’ve got this ♥️ I love you