Benign. You don’t know how much you love the word benign until it’s given to you on your own piece of paper. I’m so thankful to have received that notice officially after a December thyroid nodule biopsy. But what got me to that Benign result?

It’s true that I’ve learned a lot through supporting my family through a series of hospital stays, traumas, and now my own experiences. But what surprised me is that through each of these instances, one word continued to surface repeatedly: ADVOCATE.

While the odds were in my favor, the nodule was stealing moments of joy with my new family. The “what if’s” camped out in my brain for weeks. I waited for a call to schedule a biopsy, assuming they were on top of things. Surely it’s important to me, so it’s important to them, right? Not quite… After I initiated a phone call, I realized I needed to become the squeaky wheel to get it done. I fought for peace of mind and I fought for this result. I advocated for me.

With large patient files and case loads, I’ve learned that it is up to YOU to fight for your care and to stay on top of it. Once I learned this, I realized how many in our society have no one in their corner. I challenge each of you to help a loved one in the same way.

Doctor wants a biopsy? Call until it’s scheduled. Something doesn’t make sense? Question it! Get your answers. Find a lump? Get the appointment, don’t wait. It’s worth it. You’re worth it.

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